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European Roulette Variant

The rules in roulette are child-friendly: you first count on a number or color, which the ball may fall to when it is thrown onto the rotating roulette wheel. If the ball falls on the set number or color, one has won. There are three types of roulette : European roulette with the numbers 0 to 36, the roulette with the same numbers and the additional La partage rule, and the roulette with an additional 00. If these variants are available, you should opt for European roulette. Because the house advantage is hugely different - while it is only 2.7% in roulette, it is significantly higher in roulette with 5.26%. In order to spice up the odds of winning, one does not bet on a single number or a single result, but on several.

This increases the chance of winning one of the many set qualities. For example, either the ball falls on a black or red color, either an even or an odd number, or one of the lower numbers (1-18) or upper numbers (19-36). In all three bets the odds are 1: 1. However, if you bet on one of the three dozen roulette bets, either on the numbers 1-12, 13-25 or 26-36, then the odds increase to 2: 1 - you win for example with a bet of 100 euros you get in total 300 euros back. Why play roulette in online casino? A classic roulette game does not necessarily have to be played in the evening dress and with a drink in the hand. Of course, it has its charm to pamper yourself for an elegant appearance in a classic casino and spend an evening in decadent mood. But sometimes it is not time or desire to do so much effort, just to play a part of his favorite game. There are also online casinos for such cases.

Most of the major online casinos also offer access and versions for mobile devices - so-called mobile casinos. Thanks to the web-sites and apps that are adapted for smartphones and tablets, you can simply and everywhere access one of the many roulette tables. If an Internet connection is established. Mobile casinos are as safe as their counterparts from computers or laptops. So why not use the reduced time on the next train delay and keep yourself roulette with a few rounds? Folding in good weather also from the garden or park. Thanks to the wide selection of online casinos, you can play roulette from the comfort of your own home without having to make your way to the nearest casino or to have a fixed opening time.

In addition, online casinos offer a range of deposit and withdrawal options, secure encryption practices and a wide range of games. Everything from the comfort of your own couch, for your relaxed roulette evening. But the flavors are known to be different and there are at least as many different types of players as there are lucky games. Some people take gambling very seriously, focus on specific strategies, and perhaps even deserve their support. Since large, colorful and loud casinos can already provide a lot of distraction. Online casinos can help by adapting their environment to their needs - with or without music, drinks, eating odors, human resources, etc.

Bonuses and promotions another advantage of enjoying casino games like roulette online are the many bonuses and promotions that online casinos offer! Of course, there is enough of this and we come into the game because we give you an overview of the best online casinos, bonuses and promotions. Some of the key points to consider when choosing the right online casinos are the seriousness of the casino, a wide range of games, a number of common and appropriate payment options, and fair rules, and a generous welcome bonus, as well as regular bonuses and actions.

The Casino, for example, offers a whole welcome package , offering a 100% bonus up to 150 Euros for the first and second deposit, and a 50% bonus of up to 300 Euros for the third deposit. Other casinos offer attractive welcome bonuses. Thus, new customers of Sunmaker receive a 150% welcome bonus up to 150 euros or for a deposit of only one euro an additional 15 euros. Roulette is fun. It exudes the elegance of a classic Casinospiel and at the same time offers the nerve kitzel, with some luck to earn a whole lot of money. With online casinos, this is even possible anywhere. But before you go to the roulette tables on the Internet, you should take the time and use our casino reviews to find the deal that best suits you, so that your first big roulette win nothing stands in the way!

This game is very similar to roulette, except that the wheel is configured differently and has only a single zero, instead of the additional double zero. This small difference reduces the house advantage from 5.26% to 2.63% in these games and makes the European roulette extremely attractive and one of the best of the two variants that you can play in the casino. Overall, the version is more available in the online casino than in the real casino or in the casino, which makes it an advantage for the player online. So if you are looking to win your bet, then you should always choose the Roulette.

No matter what online roulette variant you want to play, most online casinos also offer it in a live dealer format. With these games, you can play live and live in real-time online video streaming in a virtual casinos environment, making it feel like you're in Las Vegas at a real roulette table. The only thing missing to make this scenario even more real is the people in the background, the players, the Drumherum. Live dealer games offer a whole new element of gaming pleasure. However, they are not suitable for impatient players, because live roulette can not be made faster. The ball rolls in the kettle as long as it takes. For such players we recommend the normal roulette games, where you can adjust whether you want to play faster.