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High Rollers Bonus

High Roller Casino is a very own and very special world of casinos. If you look at the stereotypes of a high roller, you probably think of a kind of James Bond: a tuxedo, a cigar in the mouth, a martini in her hand, surrounded by pretty women, and a few thousand euros in chips on the table. Maximum use, maximum winning maintenance, and maximum risk. A high roller needs nerves and money. Well, of course this is not quite true, but it helps to understand what a high roller is. A high roller is a VIP player, which uses very high sums. How much these sums are depends entirely on the casino, but we are talking about 100,000 to 300,000 €. High Roller Casinos are casinos that take care of this special customer and offer him a VIP package.

If you bring so much money into a casino, would like to be treated accordingly. Read below how a VIP program can look like. Almost all casinos have a VIP program. High Roller Casino Games , usually, most people think directly of poker or blackjack when you think of rich casino goers. If you've believed it, you might be surprised. The most played game in the VIP area is baccarat. But why baccarat? The great popularity of baccarat is attributed to the fact that the casino has a relatively small house advantage against the player. High Roller Inserts for slot machines start at € 50 and can go up to € 5,000. Classic games like blackjack or roulette have a betting bet of € 1,000 to € 200,000. So you see that the span width is very large. If you are considering signing up for a VIP service, please read the terms and conditions of the casino and contact your customer service.

High Roller Casino online, most major and established online casinos also offer a VIP service. However, it may sometimes be difficult to decide for one. Have a look at the welcome bonuses. As a VIP player you should not be satisfied with less than 1000 €. Some casinos also have a special loyalty program that comes with extra cashback bonuses. Land-based high roller casinos, All major casino sites like Las Vegas or Macau offer sophisticated and very attractive VIP customer treatments. For example, the casinos offer VIP bonuses, big cash prizes, Champagne, the use of a limousine, a special VIP room or a private game table. The possibilities are limitless. Why do the casinos accept the cost of a VIP program?

If you read through the above list again, you start to calculate what a VIP customer can cost the casino. So why all the effort? With VIP customers can of course be made a lot of money. The effort can lead to success or not. If the customer loses, then the casino wins an enormous amount of money. The customer may then not be happy about the losing, but reserves the good service of the casino in the back head and may come back. If the player wins, however, the casino loses the money invested. You certainly know that there is welcome bonuses of 100% on the amount paid. So if you deposit 1,000 €, why not get the same amount as a welcome bonus? In the casino world everything is possible, you just have to look a bit, and possibly ask.

High Roller Casino Bonus Almost every casino offers bonuses, eg in the form of a welcome bonus. If you sign up as a VIP player, however, this bonus can be considerably higher and more extensive than for the normal players. In addition, a cash back bonus would be highly recommended for you as a VIP player, as it gives you a certain amount of security when playing with large amounts. So you never lose all your money, but always get a part of it back. The cash back bonus is usually between 15-30% of lost money (over a period of time). In many VIP programs, you also have the opportunity to earn points while playing, which you can then convert into rewards. Reward can be frees, real money sums, tickets, merchandise, gifts, or trips or short breaks.

High Roller Casino customer service, as a high roller / VIP player, you do not have to be satisfied with a normal customer service. You have a special contact person, your VIP Manager, who takes care of all your concerns. Do not underestimate the influence of such a VIP Manager. They also have tickets available for sold out, so you can be sure of a good concert tour. In addition, you can benefit from faster payouts and get special offers in your mailbox that are tailored to you. Special events are also organized for VIP customers, where you can feel like a king.

High roller casino money always makes a difference, even in online casinos. While most players gamble for a few Euros, High Roller is the most popular game for money. These high-risk gamblers do not only expect game tables and game machines with particularly high limits, but also special perks and promotions. Below we have compiled a list of the most prestigious and secure online casinos that offer great high roller bonuses and unparalleled service. These online casinos are an excellent choice for experienced players among you who want to take advantage of the VIP level through higher deposits. Each of these online casinos has a super VIP club only for high scooters, with exclusive 24/7 customer service.

Be pampered from the first moment at these first-rate online casinos and enjoy higher game limits, quicker payout bonuses, exceptional bonuses, gifts, VIP events, luxury travels and more! A high scooter is a player who plays a lot and plays very high sums. This type of player likes to bet the maximum bet and seeks the greatest possible profit. This way of playing requires, of course, an above-average playbudget. High rollers are specially treated by many online casinos. As a VIP you get a very special treatment that normal players can only dream of. If you want to play particularly large amounts online, it is, of course, all the more important to play only in a reputable and secure online casino. You should therefore read through the reviews of our casino experts and thoroughly inform you before you decide for a casino.