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Major Poker Variants

Here we will explain in detail how to play poker. We start from the beginning, as if you have never played poker and have no prior knowledge. Poker is a great card game that you can play at home with friends or on the road, as well as in the online casino in many variations. First of all, it should be noted that in this game you are not playing against the bank or the dealer but against the other players. The card issuer only directs the game here and makes sure that everything runs according to the rules. He does not play with himself. They play with a regular deck of 52 cards, each of the four colors having 13 cards. The value of the card corresponds to that of the image. The Ace is an exception and can count as 1 or 11. What combinations are there? listed below in descending order Royal Flush: This is the highest hand! Ace, King, Lady, Jack, and 10 (of the same color).

Here you can look forward and, most importantly, a Poker Face. No one can beat this sheet. Straight Flush: The Ace is not the highest card, but one of the picture cards. For example, jack, 10, 9, 8, 7. Vierling: 4 equal cards, eg 4x the 8th. Full House: Drilling plus pair, eg 3 kings and 2 ladies. Flush: 5 cards of the same color, regardless of the value, eg 5 pik cards. Straight : 5 consecutive card values, no matter what color. For example, 6,7,8,9,10. Drilling : 3 equal cards, eg 3x the 6. Pair : 2 equal cards, eg 2 x the 8. Of course, you can not get any of these combinations. Then decide your highest card ( High Card ).

In each new round, you have to deposit your stake into a pot. However, you can also fit or disembark. Do not play on bending and breaking. No one has yet made a good profit. Do not, however, underestimate the art of bluffing. Sometimes a drill can still be the best hand at the table; They just do not look at the other players. Initial Deal : Distributing the first card. Ante : The first bet placed before the first card is placed. Table Stakes : This is the table money of a player and can not be increased during the game. Minimum-Buy : Minimum use split-Limit : Here the bet is set. For example, you play 20/50, then you start with a bet of 20 € in the first round and can then increase in the last rounds in increments of 50 €. SpreadLimit : Sets the lowest and maximum amount.

This can be changed from round to round. For example, if you set 10 to 40, you can place between 10-40 € in each round. Pot Limit : Here the bets move between the fixed minimum bet and the current pot height. This is a more advanced variant, but very high sums can be gained. No-Limit: There is no upper limit. This is professional poker and promises a lot of adrenaline. This is a special variation of poker. As the name already guess lets you play these with 7 cards. 4 of them are uncovered on the table and 3 hidden. In the end, each player must choose the 5 best from the 7 cards. Read also our instructions for 3 Card Poker , ie Poker with 3 cards. And always think about it: put on Pokerface, let's go!

How to play 3 Card Poker? 3 Card Poker (Three Card Poker) is a very young form of poker and has only been invented since the mid-nineties. The English term is also used in Game. You can, of course, also say "3 Card Poker". This new variant has spread relatively quickly and is now offered in most casinos, online casinos and live casinos. However, the rules and the values ??of the cards differ somewhat from those of regular poker or those of Texas Holdem. Here we want to explain the rules to you so that you can try out the new poker fascination the next time. So let's get started! On the half-moon round table there are 3 circular fields on which the bet is placed. On the first circle is the pair plus bet, including the ante bet, and underneath, the cards lie face down on the table. Each player now has 3 face-down cards, including the Dealer.

Each player plays here only against the dealer. The worst hand you can have is a high card. The best hand, and the worst, See here, in descending order, the various poker hands explained. The top combination is the best, the lowest the worst. Mini Royal - Ace King Lady in the same color (eg all in check), Straight Flush - 3 cards consecutively in the same color (eg Pik 5-6-7), Drilling - 3 cards of the same rank (eg 3-3-3), Straight - 3 cards in succession in different colors (eg 3-4-5), Flush - 3 cards of the same color (eg 4-7-8, all in Kreutz), Pärchen - 2 cards of the same rank (eg 6-6-8), High Card Kerer of the above combinations. Then count the highest card.

How does the poker game go? At the very poker beginning, you need to decide whether to place an ante bet, or a pair of a plus bet with your chips, or both. What is an ante bet? The Ante bet is about whether your hand is better or worse than the dealer's. Now you can look into your cards, which of course you can not show anyone, and can decide whether you want to play or fold. The dealer's cards remain hidden. If you decide to play, you must place another bet that has the same height as the ante bet. The chips for this are placed on your turned cards. If you decide to fold, so you just lose the ante bet. The pair's plus bet, If you bet on Pair Plus, bet that you have a pair or something better on hand. The better your hand is, the more money you can get from the casino. The pair-plus bet is a separate bet and has nothing to do with winning or losing against the dealer, which means you can still win money even if you lose against the dealer. The payout to the poker player changes significantly depending on which hand you have.

The third option is to win the Ante bonus. If you get a straight, a straight, a straight flush, then the poker casino pays an ante bonus on your ante bet. Even this bet is independent of the deal with the dealer and you can win even if you lose against the dealer. After all players have looked at their poker cards and decided whether to play or not, the dealer reveals his cards. We remember: he also got 3 cards. The dealer needs to have at least one queen high or higher. If the dealer does not get a queen or higher and does not qualify to play, then all ante bets are paid 1: 1 to the players and they get their pair plus bet back. Should the dealer qualify, however, the dealer's hand is compared to the player's hand to see who wins.