Online Keno Game

Keno is simple, exciting and simply handles numbers! If you do the art of art, all you need to do is decide how many numbers you want to play, what numbers you want to bet, how many games you want to play and how much you want to play in each game. Such is Keno a pure lucky game, which actually has more similarities to Bingo. You choose what numbers to bet and how much to bet and where it is played by the principle, "Nobody dare, nothing wins". Read more about Keno and how to succeed with this thrilling game!

The starting point for Keno is that you choose the numbers you want to play. Then you set a comfortable amount and sit back and see what's going on. Maybe you have your Keno day. It's uncomplicated to play Keno, and is like playing Bingo or Lotto. You choose your numbers and hope they win. Here are some simple steps that might help you get a little more out of the game.The Keno dish can resemble a bingo tray. Each kenobrett or kenolodd has 80 numbers in total. After filling out the board and selecting your numbers, 20 numbers will be selected randomly and appear on the "board". You can play a fixed row of numbers each time, or change from round to round.

As this is a lucky game where the winning numbers are randomly selected, all numbers have the same opportunity to be selected each time. Your Keno strategies should be simple; have fun, understand the paytable and bet so you get the best odds / win rate. If you want to try a game where you can influence your winning chances, you should consider another casino game, such as. Blackjack. You can try blackjack for free here. When you bet you can choose from very small amounts (from 1 kr) and upwards. In addition to the amount you want to bet, select the numbers you want to bet and the number of rounds you want to play. Please check the payout tables to find the best odds / win combination. This may vary between the different Keno games and the different casino.

It's easy to learn and very exciting to play. These are perhaps the two main reasons for choosing Keno. Here you get a nice mix between lotto and bingo, and a nice break from other types of casino games. Even though the winning chances are somewhat lower than Keno, the entertainment value compensates much for this. Playing the right way, you can also increase your winning odds and a strong tip is sticking to 10's Keno as it's best for the money. There are also many variants of Keno to choose from, so just find the one that suits you best. Whatever you have to choose, remember to have fun with Keno.

tart wagering easily at the beginning , until you get the turn . Other bets can be complicated and not always better your odds. Low deposit rate when playing video and live Keno. The odds are better in these variants of Keno than when playing live, but still no better than regular slot machines or other casino games. Play live Keno if you want to play many games / rounds The pace when playing the internet is much faster, so be careful and pay attention to your bankroll.

Slow games should be part of your Keno strategy. This is easier if you play live. If you prefer an online variant, the game takes place much faster. Take breaks between rounds, avoid auto games and choose a game that has a higher payout percentage. Choose between 3 to 8 numbers on your board . The odds for getting more numbers are more than 1: 1,000,000. Play with just the numbers you want. There are no cold and hot numbers since the result is always random. Feel free to play birthday figures or other numbers that matter to you. It makes fun and the odds are the same.

Keno, like lotto, is a game of chance where you can not do anything to influence your odds to win, other than playing more. The participant gets the chance to win and the more you play, the greater your chances of winning. The advantage of keno is that you do not need any special skills to play. All you really need to get rich in keno is luck and nothing else. If you are lucky you win and if not, you can win your money. It's easier to win in Keno than many other gambling games, and it's also possible to win relatively big prizes. In Keno you usually have a circular glass bubble (as you are used to seeing from Norsk Tipping's Lotto Drawings on TV). In this "bubble" there are 80 balls where some of these are drawn, which gives the result. Each ball is marked with a number between 1 and 80. Usually, there are 20 balls drawn.