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There are a lot of good online casinos that win the trust of the customer through their seriousness and make online gambling easy and entertaining. Unfortunately there are always black sheep. These unscrupulous online casinos use players and seek short-term profit. Fraudulent online casinos generally use the following tricks to trick players: 1. Rogue casinos use fraudulent software: At the worst online casinos the random number generator has been programmed so that the game is not really random. Players gambling in such a casino do not have a profit chance right from the start. Rogue Casinos use a fraudulent demo / fun version of the software: A variant of point 1, where the real money version happens randomly and correctly, but the demo / fun version pays much more than the player.

The fun mode at all online casinos is a great way to test the different games of the casino for free and thus to get to know the software. If, however, the demo version pays more than the real money version, some players are forced to deposit and then disappointed. Poor casinos invent unrealistic bonus conditions to not pay bonuses to the players. Often these are bonus conditions, which were not formulated by the casino on the clear side of the casino. Or there are so many strange rules that no normal human being can hold. Unfortunately, this tactic often works because most players do not read the bonus terms before they deposit at one of these bad casinos. Poor casinos use spam methods and send unwanted promotional emails. Of course, some casinos do not use all these ways to cheat you, but only some of them.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that cheating providers are the exception! Most online casinos know that gamers had the fun of the game, also come back. Good customer relationships are much more profitable for online casinos than short-term fraud. How to protect yourself the fact that these dirty tricks at some casinos on the Internet gives, is not to the debate. Therefore you should always ensure that you only play with reputable providers. Find out how other players have been treated by a particular company and what the majority of players report about its strengths and weaknesses. This is exactly what we see from casinos as our goal: We are here to provide you with the essential information about online casinos.

Our reviews and reviews are based on our own experience at the different online casinos, as well as the influence of many e-mails that we have collected from players over the years. So if you are looking for a safe casino on the internet, just take a lookList of our recommended online casinos. There are many forums where players can get rid of their complaints against online casinos. On the Internet everyone can leave their opinions. However, you should keep in mind that the quality of these forums is extremely different. Who moderates a particular forum? What contributions are allowed? Often it happens that a forum is self-promotion, or a serious company is badly made by some player, because this player has not read the bonus conditions before.

In most cases, online casinos are accused of mistakes, which are actually attributable to the player himself. A detailed list of the worst online casinos is available at casino. If you have ever been deceived in an online casino, or feel that you have not been treated fairly, please write us an email so we can warn other players. When defining online casino games, those games are considered, which have a random element and are played between the players and the house, or the online casino, and not among the players themselves. Some games include both gambling and gambling elements, such as Blackjack, Caribbean Stud Poker, and Video Poker, while others only include the chance, including slots, roulette, and keno.

All casino games are generally characterized by an average payout rate. The average payout rate is defined as the amount of money that the online casino pays per dollar of bets and is expressed in a percentage. The average payout rate is calculated by the software and based on the rules of the game. Once the software calculates the average payout rate regardless of the decision of the player, it is frozen. In the case of online casino games, which also affect the skill of the players, the average payout rate is achieved by the player making the best decisions. In these games the player can increase his chances of winning up to the average payout rate in which he or she learns how to master the game optimally. In online casino games, which depend solely on chance, there is nothing the player can do to improve his chances of winning.

There are, however, many online casino players who believe that they can increase their profit chances in games like Slots Roulette and Keno. Some call for happiness with exceptional lucky casino charms or rubbing a "happy" coin, wearing a happy shirt, rubbing a rabbit's foot on the casino at a game machine or playing at certain times of the day. The fact is that the random generator determines the outcome of the casino game. Interventions in the betting or betting pattern appear to be more promising, but are also absolutely useless. For example, if a player throws more coins into the slot, he can win more if he has a winning combination; but also lose more if he does not achieve a winning combination. The average disbursement rate based on each dollar used remains unchanged. Some players always put on different paylines. This also makes it impossible to change the profitability.

Each profit line has the same chance to achieve a winning combination. Some roulette casino players write down the red and black numbers that have fallen on. If in the past the number of red numbers was higher, that the chance of the next black number will be greater. Neither the roulette wheel nor the random number generator can "remember" the previous numbers. Each spin is independent and each time there is the same chance to hit both red and black. Accepting this fact that lucky casino games really have only to do with luck or chance makes playing fun and no frustration. A good motto is that the casino game is entertaining and that you should see a profit as a bonus.